DAY 1 (2016)

DAY 1 (2016)


It all started about two years ago...

After watching numerous YouTube videos, I purchased my first drone, a DJI Phantom Professional 3. I almost flew it too far away from me at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week, it had taken its plunge in the Willamette River.

What began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. I originally just wanted to showcase Oregon, in all its glory. I soon felt that everyone needed to develop the same appreciation I had for drones in that they can shape our perspective on the world we live in.

After logging many flight hours, I now have the ability to provide potential customers, from real estate and structures to those who wants to hang art on their wall, a new view of their surroundings. Drones can save companies money and draw more eyes to digital and social media platforms. They also look good hanging above the mantle :).

The Honest Droner can provide your company with unique opportunities to captivate their audience. Contact me for bookings. Come work with a pilot you can trust...The Honest Droner